Jeff’s Platforms

Read more about what Jeff’s history as an activist and community organizer, what he’s done for District 8, and what he’s planning to do in the coming years.

Jeff’s Accomplishments

More information about what Jeff has done for District 8 and San Francisco:

  • Helping to create and pass San Francisco’s historic Equal Benefits Ordinance, which made San Francisco the first city in the United States to require that all businesses seeking city contracts to offer domestic partner benefits
  • Creating San Francisco’s Housing for All initiative, which would generate $1bn over ten years to create affordable housing to end homelessness with:
    • $450 million for expanding access to housing including navigation centers and supportive housing with medical, mental health, and substance use services on site
    • $350 million to create middle income housing for teachers, nurses, firefighters, and other middle-income San Franciscans and their families
    • $100 million to create senior housing to support our city’s aging population.
    • $90 million for improving access to housing for youth and LGBTQ people experiencing homelessness
  • Fighting for improved safety across District 8:
    • Securing extra police foot patrols in Castro and across District 8
      Increasing safety around Dolores Park by adding police patrols, park rangers, lighting, and security cameras
    • Solving congestion and safety issues by having crosswalks, stop signs, and speed bumps installed in District 8
  • Creating funding to activate Noe Valley Town Square to support local businesses and provide community entertainment
  • Passing legislation banning bicycle chop shops on San Francisco sidewalks
  • Passing first-in-the-nation legislation to reduce antibiotics use in meat
    Introducing legislation to prioritize getting people with mental health and substance abuse issues off the streets
  • Obtaining $1.5m million in annual funding to provide reaspite space, meals, and rental subsidies for young people on San Francisco streets
  • Fighting to secure funding to defend immigrants at risk of deportation